Deadliest Job in America - Snake Milker!

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Join the official Brave Crew to watch PART TWO now! -
On this episode, Coyote and Mario are in DeLand, Florida at the Reptile Discovery Center to participate in an epic experiment! First up.. they're going to learn about SNAKE VENOM MILKING, one of the deadliest jobs in America! Get ready to watch Coyote assist with some dangerous venom milking to create the anti-venom that saves lives!
So, what happens when snake venom enters the human body and interacts with blood? Watch PART TWO now to see what happens when Coyote mixes snake venom with his BLOOD! -
Big thank you to the Reptile Discovery Center and owner Carl Barden and Mara for having us! Planning a visit to DeLand, Florida? Visit the Reptile Discovery Center! Head to their website for more information:
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Jamieson Kingsbury
Jamieson Kingsbury 18 minuter sedan
Omg this isn't the first time I've seen this guy since I started to get into the video
زهراء سالم عبد الحسين
زهراء سالم عبد الحسين 22 minuter sedan
Fatima Asfour
Fatima Asfour Timme sedan
😯 🤩 🤩 😯 😯 🤯
M. 2 timmar sedan
I sure hope Carl earns a lot of money as I wouldn’t do this for all the money in the world
Ayush Rane
Ayush Rane 5 timmar sedan
10:30 😵😵😵🤯🤯😱😱
BANNA Clan 5 timmar sedan
Why do snakes look so adorable
I am proud pinay
I am proud pinay 6 timmar sedan
Wowww that's amazing this people is amazing! Keep safe always
Mohan Super
Mohan Super 7 timmar sedan
Who is getting chills watching this video.
Antix 8 timmar sedan
"I went to the bathroom in my pants a little bit" - Coyote 2020
اشيخ ليفاي
اشيخ ليفاي 8 timmar sedan
اين الصبع اكبير
Anish Sharma
Anish Sharma 8 timmar sedan
This reminds of nagini
Ferdose Abdulrub
Ferdose Abdulrub 10 timmar sedan
How do they feed them in those drawers? They seem very impractical, if the have to open them and squeeze food through without being bitten.
jazeel Shahbas
jazeel Shahbas 11 timmar sedan
Vava Suresh the great who handle snakes with naked hands who caught 180 + king cobra itself.....From Kerala 😍
Dr.Prof.Patrick 11 timmar sedan
Damn, Orochimaru is Overpowered with his venom.
n. n
n. n 12 timmar sedan
Русские вы где
Isaac Palominos
Isaac Palominos 18 timmar sedan
The Most dangerous job in the u.s is the military.
gustave petersen
gustave petersen 20 timmar sedan
Kairon Ramsey
Kairon Ramsey 20 timmar sedan
The first one is like leave alone I’m shredding
Ferdian Marpaung
Ferdian Marpaung 20 timmar sedan
Nama: Ferdian Maranatha Marulitua Marpaung Kelas :9C Terima kasih Ps.Rusli .... Penjelasan tentang berpuasa bagi umat kristen Sangat jelas sekali disampaikan Bahwa berpuasa itu artinya adalah menjauhkan diri dari sesuatu dan menahan diri dalam vidio ini terdapat banyak catatan yang sangat penting .Kiranya Tuhan Yesus memberkati kita dan melindungi kita Amin
xAquatic octopusx
xAquatic octopusx 21 timme sedan
When you think about it these people risk their lives for idiots who didn’t take a fair warning plus a lot of snakes are going extinct for people who don’t use their brains and if they didn’t have it they probably would be more careful
Blxck Rxse
Blxck Rxse 22 timmar sedan
Jimmy Wade
Jimmy Wade 22 timmar sedan
I have a pet snake
Play stupid games Win stupid prizes
Play stupid games Win stupid prizes 23 timmar sedan
Better than a bull milker
J.W's Outdoors
J.W's Outdoors Dag sedan
Logging is way more dangerous than this
JOY TIAN Dag sedan
Let’s all respect the camera man whose filming all this
Pickled Up Jones
Pickled Up Jones Dag sedan
diamondback needed that final boss music
Wenbin Deng。
Wenbin Deng。 Dag sedan
Katie Barrett
Katie Barrett Dag sedan
Wait wait how is the cam man thinking about this 😬😬
We Stan JBJ artists
We Stan JBJ artists Dag sedan
8:39 I don't believe my eyes.🥺
Vedant Jain
Vedant Jain Dag sedan
Once this man used a bat instead of snake!!! And the rest is history 🤣🤣
Leonie Gentges
Leonie Gentges Dag sedan
Ernsthaft die sind in Schubladen die ticken nicht mehr
Leonie Gentges
Leonie Gentges Dag sedan
Die schlange
must C
must C Dag sedan
wowwwwww.. amazing.. dangerous creature 😅 but i like to watch alway. nice channel 👍👍👍👍👍
Sayee Shivaani
Sayee Shivaani Dag sedan
Me who is drinking a glass of mango juice seeing a snake spitting out its venom in the same colour be like : Bruh , I am God 😎 drinking some venom 😎
Akshay Roshan R S
Akshay Roshan R S Dag sedan
Nirthitt poda theali. 😒
GABUSH Dag sedan
3:56 Coyote actually wanna touch Mara.
GABUSH Dag sedan
why are they doing trapped inside those containers instead of being free?
Build Science
Build Science Dag sedan
Why are they mixing the venom???
чёрный бумер
чёрный бумер Dag sedan
Mr.Drummond Dag sedan
The scariest most risky job ive ever seen wow
Priority Dag sedan
After taking out the venom leave them coz their real place is in the jungles not lab
Fainted Man
Fainted Man Dag sedan
What's happens if the snake didn't bite you but the poison touched you what would happen
Amber Fleege
Amber Fleege Dag sedan
Oh wow your really growing the beard did at least anyone notice how long his neared is now??
JDM toks
JDM toks Dag sedan
Do they drink there venom when some go back in there mouth?
Ailurophile900 2 dagar sedan
Man I wanna bitten by that beautiful ❤️ love creature I saw on the right there, that sure is a fine specimen of love right there😌 2:02
Nataniel Halsey
Nataniel Halsey 2 dagar sedan
8:23 your hurting the snake look at is face
ヤタミサン yatami sann edits ピンク
ヤタミサン yatami sann edits ピンク 2 dagar sedan
Imagine if someone does not know that its venom and drinking it as a monster drink👁👄👁
E man :/
E man :/ 2 dagar sedan
That's some weird looking MTN Dew
Katja Bouzols
Katja Bouzols 2 dagar sedan
Katja Bouzols
Katja Bouzols 2 dagar sedan
pete strckl
pete strckl 2 dagar sedan
coyote loves nature too much for his own good. when they were milking the diamondback i was just screaming for coyote to back the hell up
mohamed nafie ftouh
mohamed nafie ftouh 2 dagar sedan
coyote your vidios are the best
Callan Long
Callan Long 2 dagar sedan
Michael Flaspoehler
Michael Flaspoehler 2 dagar sedan
Auch wenn es für die Herstellung von Anti-Serum ist finde ich es nicht richtig Tiere in einer Schublade zu halte! Seien es Schlangen oder andere Tiere. Ansonsten habt ihr ein super geiles Video auf den Markt geschmissen! Vielen Dank für die viele Arbeit die ihr euch damit gemacht habt.! Der Tramp den keiner fängt.!
Mathew Gaming
Mathew Gaming 2 dagar sedan
6:68 the snake looks mad
Rat 2 dagar sedan
Is that the animal what trys to kill me?
Mohammad Ali Al Dabbas
Mohammad Ali Al Dabbas 2 dagar sedan
Enthusiastic Aspirant
Enthusiastic Aspirant 2 dagar sedan
Salute to these warriors who are doing such treatning jobs on daily basis for the welfare of the mankind
Andrei Craciun
Andrei Craciun 2 dagar sedan
What killer😠😡😡😡😠
Viel Hallow
Viel Hallow 2 dagar sedan
they aren't I-
Luna Afton
Luna Afton 2 dagar sedan
7:03 looks like she is pissed
lorenz roque
lorenz roque 2 dagar sedan
He is the vocalist of metallica
Vienna Roar Playz
Vienna Roar Playz 2 dagar sedan
I can transfer language i know English and Thai im 1th in English class my friends don't like English bc is hard so this is for Thai ppl i was born in Thai so the diamond 💎 back =งูเหลือม
Kyrene Chen
Kyrene Chen 2 dagar sedan
I was not scared I till then
Kyrene Chen
Kyrene Chen 2 dagar sedan
I could see the fangs
Фики Илханова
Фики Илханова 2 dagar sedan
Is crazy bro
ProxyMythicX 2 dagar sedan
Suka Lv
Suka Lv 2 dagar sedan
look how much venom that snake has 8:36
Cxduction 3 dagar sedan
for some reason it really annoys me that the snake boio keeps interrupting Coyote like wth let him finish speaking
Susan O'Flynn
Susan O'Flynn 3 dagar sedan
Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen 3 dagar sedan
Full respect to Carl and his team 👏
luffyLover2453 3 dagar sedan
Gary Pedley
Gary Pedley 3 dagar sedan
Woah im shook
TheBathtubGamer 3 dagar sedan
Seems like the most unethical way to store the snakes, just in a box filled with newspapers that they can hardly fit in.
Sayantan Roy
Sayantan Roy 3 dagar sedan
did anyone notice the lady waving at 5:31 or so
Texos Gaming
Texos Gaming 3 dagar sedan
Patix 3 dagar sedan
•Rain Wolf•
•Rain Wolf• 3 dagar sedan
This is scary
Shalideen Gambir3343
Shalideen Gambir3343 3 dagar sedan
Shame on them they are just killing them without knife
Skyler Bean
Skyler Bean 3 dagar sedan
just so you know sharks will not intentionally attack you they only attack you if they feel threatened, Humans are not on their menu
Lakpa Jacob
Lakpa Jacob 3 dagar sedan
carl's voice is just like Shane mcmahon's voice
Fe4rero 3 dagar sedan
unrelated to this episode but im starting to think he is immortal
LightShadøws AJ
LightShadøws AJ 3 dagar sedan
I have see a Dimond back it tried to bite me
Apprentice Jedi
Apprentice Jedi 3 dagar sedan
Not the deadliest job,
Captain Lemon
Captain Lemon 4 dagar sedan
Poor snakes tho
Team Racing Pandas
Team Racing Pandas 4 dagar sedan
Wow this is cool 😎
Kaley 4 dagar sedan
Hi Hi
Barshana Prajapati
Barshana Prajapati 4 dagar sedan
What if the snake crawls fast and runs away
The BlackMace
The BlackMace 4 dagar sedan
Statistically the deadliest job in United States is of the president.
Todd Chalus
Todd Chalus 4 dagar sedan
I had an Eastern Diamondback that size in my yard. I left it alone an it left me alone.
Deepti Khati
Deepti Khati 4 dagar sedan
How this guy so calm?
Patricia James
Patricia James 4 dagar sedan
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jalluri somasatyakeerth
jalluri somasatyakeerth 4 dagar sedan
You people don't know that snakes can sense fear. I also don't think many in India fear them
فهد جيمر 1
فهد جيمر 1 4 dagar sedan
Santiago Sánchez
Santiago Sánchez 4 dagar sedan
Australia: That is nothing
Gold christopher
Gold christopher 4 dagar sedan
I had try all means just to get into my boyfriend's phone, but I couldn't 🤦 but after been recommended to *dantechies* ON instagram by a friend of mine, I can now access his phone..
Gold christopher
Gold christopher 4 dagar sedan
I had try all means just to get into my boyfriend's phone, but I couldn't 🤦 but after been recommended to *dantechies* ON instagram by a friend of mine, I can now access his phone..
ZeDyBoSS 4 dagar sedan
ALLAH has created so beautifully
Vanessa Hequilan
Vanessa Hequilan 4 dagar sedan
Dont hit the 👍🏻/👎🏻 im trying to slee
Vanessa Hequilan
Vanessa Hequilan 4 dagar sedan
Inky Soda
Inky Soda 4 dagar sedan
Later in the other room: *hehe snake smoothie yum yum*
Jianhao Wu
Jianhao Wu 4 dagar sedan
could you let it bite you? really wanna see that
chaim7games 4 dagar sedan
Guy looks like he just came off a Indiana Jones Set
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